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So what are zebra blinds ?

What are Zebra Blinds ?

 Zebra Blinds are made up with a combination of Sheer Sunscreen and Solid Weave Fabric, when the solid fabric strips overlap light is blocked out and light is let in when the sheer fabric strips overlap.


Zebra blind is the ultimate in beauty and design and performance. It combines the light control of horizontal blinds with the elegance of sheer fabric. With Zebra blind you never have to choose between an open window and an open shade. As light streams in through the translucent sheer fabric, see your world become softened with Zebra blind. Adjustable fabric vanes can be opened or closed, as you like. And unlike any other window shading available, Zebra blind can be raised with the vanes still open.

How to measure my blinds ?

Measure the height inside the window frame at the left, middle and right to allow for variances in construction. (Illustration: Inside-Mount — Measure the Height.) Round the measurements down to the nearest 1/8 of an inch. Use the largest measurement as the window width so the blinds cover the entire opening.

How can we purchase from you ?

Visit our Factory Showroom .We have a wide selection of actual blinds installed in our showroom to provide you with an idea of how it looks in real life.​

Schedule In Home Design consultation at the convenience of your home.  Complimentary In-Home Design Service. Our designer will come to your home at no cost  Our designer will show you samples of products, fabrics and colors and help you with your selection. Once you decide, we process your order and take care of everything, including measuring and installation

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